Main Research Interests
Basic: Applicational:
  • Rough Set Theory
  • Rough Mereology
  • Decision and Classifcation Support
  • Distributed Knowledge Processing
  • Multiagent Systems
  • Granular Soft Computing
  • Reasoning with Incomplete Information
  • Universal Algebra
  • Logic and Cathegory Theory
  • Rough Set Based Decision and Classification Support Systems
  • Rough Mereology Applications to Construction of Compound Objects
  • Decision and Classifcation Support based on Distributed Processing and Multiagent Technologies
  • Data Mining with Massive and Distributed Information Sources
  • Efficient Methods for Feature Selection and Pattern Extraction from Data
  • Hybrid Approaches to Classifier Synthesis

Research Projects

Classifier Networks
Grant 3T11C00226  - for years 2004-2007
from the Ministry of Scientific Research and Information Technology
of the Republic of Poland

Methods for Synthesis of Approximate Concepts
KBN grant 8T11C 025 19 - for years 2000-2003

Synthesis of Complex Decision Algorithms
KBN grant 1996-1999 - final report in Polish (MS-Word)

CRIT-2 - Cooperative Research in Information Technology
International project 1997-2000 financed by EU ESPRIT programme
Co-operating foreign institutions - NTNU (Norway ) and GMD (Germany)

Wallenberg Laboratory for Information Technology and Autonomous Systems (WITAS)
WITAS homepage

More projects have been submitted to both Polish and International Institutions.


RSES - Rough Set Exploration System and Dixer

ROSETTA - Rough Set Toolkit for Analysis of Data
ROSETTA Homepage
An effort of Knowledge Systems Group at NTNU (Norway) supported by us.
Currently used by The Linnaeus Centre for Bioinformatics, Uppsala, Sweden