RST 2015 Programme


9:00-9:20 Opening session - room 2180

9:20-10:50 Plenary Session- room 2180

 Foundations of Rough Sets

MIHIR CHAKRABORTY  (Chair: Andrzej Skowron)

Fuzzy-Rough Clustering and its Applications

 PRADIPTA MAJI (Chair: Dominik Ślęzak)

10:50-11:20 Coffee Break

11:20-13:00 Parallel Sessions

2180 – Chair: Hung Son Nguyen

2100 – Chair: Gerald Schaefer

From Fuzzy Sets to Rough Sets and Back

Z. Csajbók

A relational logic for spatial contact based on rough set approximation
I. Düntsch, E. Orłowska, H. Wang

Topos and Quasitopos of Rough Sets
A. K. More, M. Banerjee

A GA approach for finding decision rules based on bireducts

O. Rybkin, I. Düntsch, B. Ombuki-Berman

Generalized Quantifiers with Rough Set Semantics

S. Dutta, A. Skowron

Paradigmatic and Syntagmatic Relations in Information Systems over Ontological Graphs

K. Pancerz

Processing Uncertainty with Interval Pattern Structures
S. O. Kuznetsov

Impact of Local Data Characteristics on Learning Rules from Imbalanced Data

J. Stefanowski

Generalizations of Rough Set Tools inspired by Graph Theory
G. Chiaselotti, D. Ciucci, T. Gentile, F. Infusino

The two-step method of data mining from digital images

A. Wójcicka, R. Simiński, Z. Wróbel

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:30 Plenary Session- room 2180

   GUHA Method and Association Rules
(Chair: Marcin Wolski)

Decision Rule Systems and Decision Trees over Finite Binary Information Systems

 MIKHAIL MOSHKOV (Chair: Davide Ciucci)

(talk co-authored with Beata Zielosko)

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break

16:00-17:20 Parallel Sessions

2180 – Chair: Andrzej Jankowski

2100 – Chair: Piotr Synak

Rough Set Theory may   fill gap  between Neurology and Cognitive Empathy          

A. Przybyszewski, L. Polkowski

Rules mining as a next step of knowledge extraction from data

 A. Nowak-Brzezińska, R. Simiński

GROSHEC: Is the processor for rough set methods in sight?
M. Kopczyński, T. Grześ, J. Stepaniuk

Outliers mining in knowledge based systems

 A. Nowak-Brzezińska

Credal clustering: relationship with rough and other clustering paradigms
T. Denoeux, O. Kanjanatarakul

Optimal Decision Rules, Generators and Rough Sets
M. Kryszkiewicz

Rough Granular Computing in Modal Settings: Generalised Approximation Spaces
M. Wolski, A. Gomolińska

Application of Dynamic Programming Approach to Optimization of Association Rules Relative to Coverage and Length

B. Zielosko